Tuesday, 21 August 2018

American's And Glam Rock

When i was a kid a rumour went around that one of the drivers on the local bus was Marc Bolan's brother but it was the very early 80s and i was more concerned with getting to see ET and dreaming about marrying George Michael.
It wasn't until much later and after i discovered that i was very much barking up the wrong tree with George Michael that i came across T-Rex and realised i may have been grumpily showing my bus pass every morning to someones famous brother but if he had worn a a pink feather boa and sparkly make up on his face when he drove the number 18 around Portsmouth then i may have taken a bit more notice at the time.
As a latecomer to the joys of T-Rex and the whole glam rock thing altogether, having earlier dismissed anything 70s that wasn't punk as a spangly flare wearing DISCO tinged hell, i found a whole bunch of bands as well as T-Rex that i had previously ignored like MUD, Slade, Sweet, The Glitter Band and Wizzard.
What i didn't realise was as us mid-70s Brits were Feeling Noddy Holder's Noize, listening to the the two-penny prince Marc Bolan giving his woman in gold Hot Love and the Sweet's girl at the back saying everyone attack, Americans never got any of it. 
Glam Rock, it seems if the Starbucks CD 'Glam Revolution: The Heyday & Legacy of Glam Rock' is anything to go by, never made it across the Atlantic so the above paragraph means nothing to them so no point in mentioning Tiger Feet or Brian Connolly of the Sweet singing about his Little Willy for 3 minutes. 
The Starbucks CD has a tracklist which includes Adam and the Ants, Mika, Iggy Pop, 10cc, Queen and Placebo which certainly wouldn't make it into Gary Glitters Glam Gang or have Roy Woods baby jiving.
Maybe 70s Glam was just too British for American tastes or maybe the person in charge of picking out songs for Starbucks Glam CD was just too young for the 70's era of Glam Rock but if America did miss out on the whole Glam era, then think of Kiss, Twisted Sister and Poison in flared trousers, spangly jackets and platform shoes and throw in a few mirror balls and you won't be far off.

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