Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Not Climate Change Say Climate Change Victims

Standing infront of your house while it burns down with the rest of the forest around you is not a good look for denying climate change but some of the now homeless citizens of the California town of Redding tried to pull it off this morning.
US congressman Doug LaMalfa said that he 'didn’t buy human-made climate change' and that there was 'a lot of bad science behind what people are calling global warming' when challenged by a reporter his thought that scientists connected the blaze engulfing everything in it's path over his shoulder with climate change.
Of course some people are just slower on the uptake and it will take more than the 99% of climate scientists agreeing and the library worth of evidence to sway them and by a lucky fluke, in 2016, a team from the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication questioned Redding residents on climate change and found that only 35% of Redding residents believed that global warming would harm them personally, 5% lower than the national average, and 12% less than the average Californian.
No surprise then that you could swing a flaming stick and hit a climate change denier in Redding which is exactly what the camera team did and found a group of them who blamed it on being 'fire season', 'more people living out further and further in the woods', 'efforts to limit logging' but certainly not climate change leading to drier vegetation and tinderbox conditions.
One climate change denying resident just shrugged and said: 'The good Lord has to fix it' although i think the fire service and not polluting the planet in the first place may be more beneficial.

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