Thursday, 9 August 2018

Who The Internet Loves And Hates

As the world becomes more divided, it’s not easy for a person to work out who we should be applauding and who to throw the rotten fruit at but luckily we have google to find out the answer. Using the Words 'I Love...' and ‘I Hate…’  we can find out by looking at the number of hits to get a snapshot of who the Internet is loving and hating at the moment

Most loved/hated politician
It may come as a surprise to some but American President Donald Trump is the one feeling the love at the moment with 524,000,000 loving hits, then our very Theresa May holding his hand in second place with 114,000,000 hits and the cuddly Kim Jong-Un taking third place with 43,900,000 hits.
Showing what a divisive figure he is, Donald Trump is also the most hated politician on the internet with 92,400,000 hits, then the UK’s very own Theresa May with 33,200,000 and Russia’s Vladimir Putin in third with 7,830,000 hits.

Most loved/hated country
Everyone loves America, or at least 1,660,000,000 on the Internet do as they finish top with Canada coming in a close second with 1,160,000,000 hits and then Australiawith 1,070,000,000 results.
Oh well, before America celebrates too much it also tops the most hated country list also with 543,000,000 hits, then China 524,000,000 hits and Australia with 408,000,000 hits.

Most loved/hated decade
Whether it was the summer of love or all the drugs being smoked, the 1960s take the accolade as the top decade with 151,000,000 hits followed by the 1970s  with 147,000,000 and then the 1980’s.
Probably due to people remembering being made to wear flares and listen to DISCO music, the 1970s is also the most hated decade with 46,600,000 hits, then the 80s just missing out with 42,700,000 hits and the 60s in third with 23,400,000 hits.

Most loved/hated musical genre
Maybe there are just more headbangers on the internet because  the most loved musical genre was Rock with 1,630,000,000 hits, then a rhinestone studded shirt of Country and Western with 536,000,000 results and jazz with 485,000,000 hits making up the top three.
Hell yeah followed by a quick 'you suck' to Rock as the internet also hates it the most with 447,000,000 then the rhinestones fall off spectacularly for Country and Western the second most hated with 80,300,000 hits and then Rap with 66,600,000 hits.

So confusingly Donald Trump in America in the 60s playing rock music was as good as it gets while Donald Trump in America in the 70s playing rock music is the ultimate low.  

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