Friday, 6 December 2013

A Bit Of Britain In America

Around 200 years we packed all our convicts and religious people onto ships and sent one east and one west.
The convicts found a piece of land, batted the natives aside and named it Australia while the religious people found a piece of land, batted the natives aside and called it America.
Australia never really got going but America is now a thriving country but it is not too proud to fondly remember old Blightly and there is a place in Florida that not only flies the Union Flag but will flog you a packet of British biscuits while your there.
The British Shoppe sells all things British but especially tea which is quite ironic considering the last time a load of British tea landed on those shores it ended up floating in Boston harbour.
It's nice to know that ex-pat and holidaying Brits can still still get a decent portion of spotted dick when the mood takes them and tasting a Faggot once again will always remind them of home.
Nothing says British cuisine quite like Toad in the hole, bubble and squeak, Jellied Eels and Mushy Peas so why not pop along to The Great British Shoppe and fill your basket with British wares.
Make your American friends jealous by spending a lazy afternoon looking at pictures of Queens while lapping at Earl Grey and surrounding yourself with a couple of large, juicy faggots and dragging on a fag or two because its things like that which makes Britain Great.


Anonymous said...

we have English muffins too... and tea. but we make tea drinkable...

too bad yawl don't have fried fish and potatoes they are good.


Lucy said...

You drink your tea cold!!

Fried fish and potatoes? Never heard of them, maybe we have another name for them over here.