Monday, 9 December 2013

Another Load From The UK

We never really got to hear just what David Cameron sold to the Chinese on his trip over there last week, but i'm sure he managed to shift something to them, we do have a lot of tat here.
Something we did hear about but strangely not something the Prime Minister was trumpeting was the deal to sell the Chinese £45m-worth of British pig semen.
Turns out that something the British are good at is handing out sperm as we also export bovine semen to countries including Albania, France, Indonesia and Kenya as well as sending dog semen and horse semen to a spattering of other countries.
Not sure i want to know how it is collected and transported though, i just hope the farmers wash their hands before handling the cheese and milk at the Farmers Markets.
Thinking about it though, it's fair enough that we send sperm to France because they sent us Jean Michel Jarre in the 1980's and he was a whole other load of w**k! 

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