Friday, 27 December 2013

Science Of Making Tea

My husband makes a lousy cup of tea, either too weak or too strong and i have just accepted that it is down to his genetic makeup and consigned myself to never having a decent cup of tea made by hand but science may have saved him and it is down to our mugs rather than his lack of tea-making skills.  
European scientists have found that how you serve the drink matters hugely when it comes to how the liquid inside tastes.
Researchers at the Polytechnic University of Valencia and the University of Oxford recruited volunteers to taste hot chocolate served in cups with four different colours — white, cream, red and orange.
The chocolate was the same in all the samples, but the volunteers found that the flavor was better when the drink was served in the orange or cream-coloured cups.
'The colour of the container can enhance some attributes like taste and aroma' explained Professer Betina Piqueras-Fiszman.
As my tea mug is red, (It's an Arsenal mug) i can give him the benefit of the doubt and blame what he makes it in but if i get a orange coloured mug and it still tastes like mud or the colour of the milk, then even science can't help him.


Q said...
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Cheezy said...

Method to your husband's madness?
If I was serving tea into an Arsenal mug, I'd make sure it tasted like shit too ;)

Lucy said...

One of those hmmm type of studies q.

I have an Arsenal because it stays on top of the table. I could try a Spurs mug but i expect it to keep slipping down the table.

Cheezy said...

I like you hopelessly optimistic Arsenal fans much better than the other kind (the ones I'll call, for ease of reference, 'the realists', who realise this season's trophy cabinet is going to look much like the previous 8 - or is it 9 now? - seasons)...

Your type are going to be much more fun to be around in May :)