Saturday, 21 December 2013

Atheist Church Celebrating Christmas

I never really understood the idea or the need for an Atheist Church, if you don't believe in the message coming from the Church then ignore it, don't copy it but change the message.
The newly-formed Sunday Assembly Atheist Church are looking to celebrate Christmas this year without any mention of God, or 'taking the Christ out of Christmas' as they explain it as they plan to hold 'festive services' for the first time this year.
I do think i am missing something here, atheists getting together to celebrate Christmas? There is a HUGE clue is in the name Christmas, the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and you can't get more religious than that.
If it is just a bunch of people with no belief turning up to sing some Christmas carols then fine, just don't call yourself a Church and celebrate Christian festivals because that sends out the message that you want your Christmas cake and want to eat it.
I understand that it's a new movement and they are probably trying too hard to establish that they are atheists but they seem to be missing the point of atheism which is to leave a space where others have God and not put anything in its place.
I'm as likely to turn up to a place to be told how great it is to not have God in my life as i am as likely to turn up to one that tells me how great it is to have him there.


Anonymous said...

Somebody will make money on the deal - just a guess mind you.


Nog said...

I kind of thought that the perfect Christmas balance was that it was a nominally religious holiday but would be non-invasive about it such that those who aren't Christians could have a merry time too.

Cheezy said...

@Nog: That's exactly what it is for this non-Christian :)