Thursday, 19 December 2013

White As The Driven Santa

Christmas is very much a European invention that was taken over to the North American continent but the Americans are trying to give us back a Christmas tradition of their own, the annual War on Christmas that seem to get the more excitable right wing element over there excited.
Merry Christmas has already become Happy Holidays but this year the mad gits have got a new thing to pick out their craw, they are worried that Santa is no longer white.    
The more sane amongst us would just point out that Santa isn't real and can be any damned colour we want him to be but Fox News has picked up the scent and have debated the subject and concluded that 'Santa just is white' and threw in 'so was Jesus' just in case we doubted it.
That's Fox News and Santa, one was created for the amusement of not very intelligent children and the other one comes down your chimney on the 25th December and delivers presents.

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