Thursday, 5 December 2013

Nelson Mandela

Whenever someone dies, especially such a big character as Nelson Mandela, there is always a single moment which springs to mind.
For me it was that day in February 1990 when Mr Mandela stepped away from prison after 27 years and raised his fist in triumph.
That showed that despite everything they threw at him, the South African Government had failed in its bid to break him. That he then showed no bitterness or ill-will against his captors, advocating reconciliation and compromise with the people who had taken almost three decades of his life was truly remarkable. 
A giant of a man, besides whom today's world leaders appear moral pygmy's and who will heap praise upon him, leaders of countries who backed Apartheid South Africa, our very own Margaret Thatcher led Conservative Party among them.
It will be that moment, Mandela holding his wife's hand and walking away from prison that i will remember, an historic moment which was celebrated around the world.
South Africa may still have a long way to go but if it does one-day become the country of freedom and tolerance that it should be, it will be because people like Mandela were willing to sacrifice everything to be the spark.


Anonymous said...

well, no point jumps to mind for me. he is one of the few famous men i wish i had known and had time to spend time with.

in my view he was gentle, pragamatic, passionate, firm, heroic. category of his own.


Cheezy said...

Well said. I'm enjoying (if that's the correct word, considering the occasion) reading many of his inspirational words this morning...

Anonymous said...

yes he was inpirational. he was also clever and humorous. just about everything he said was inpsirational or grounding.

i never tired listenting to him.