Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Cigarettes And Alcohol

The Office of National Statistics have issued their annual Family Spending Report and worked out that the average household in the UK spent £489 per week in 2012 with housing, food and fuel taking up most of the outlay but just what did we fritter the rest of it away on?

£10.10 mobile phones
£7.80 spent on alcohol
£6.20 on cigarettes
£4.70 was saved
£4.60 spent on pets
£4.20 on vegetables
£4.20 on takeaway food
£3.60 on cakes
£3.50 on hairdresser/beauty treatment
£3.20 spent on gambling
£3.20 on fruit
£2.70 given to charity
£2.60 spent on visiting cinema/concerts/theme parks/museums/theatre
£2.40 on confectionery
£2.30 on garden equipment/plants
£1.85 on newspapers
£1.40 on books
£0.90 on magazines

Topping up mobile phones, boozing and smoking are where the money goes, at least we are not wasting it.


Anonymous said...

i was shocked to learn that for me, wife, and 2 daughters to have 1400 hours of voice, unlimited text messages, and 3G each of data cost $270/month...



Lucy said...

£164 per month!!! £41 per each!!! Blimey, i would be shocked also.