Thursday, 7 November 2019

OK Boomer

Snowflakes and Gammons are so last year with the latest insult being 'Ok Boomer' and is for anyone who is not Generation Z, or born before 1995.
The Boomer jibe is aimed at anyone considered out of touch or close minded opinions associated with the baby boomer generation and basically anyone older than 24 generally.
It is true that the younger generation have got it much harder than older generations and older people also tend to be right wing, vote for people like Nigel Farage and Donald Trump, support Brexit because of all the foreigners coming over and some seem to question climate change so they are undoubtably idiots but it seems harsh for the Generation Z'ers to lump all of us with the Baby Boomers who is currently anyone aged between 55 and 75.
With Generation Z being identified as anyone under 24, a Millennial is a person aged between 25 and 39 and a Generation X'er  is currently 40 and 54 so we are thankfully nothing like the baby Boomers who were born pre-1964.
Every generation has it's dolts and thicko's and admittedly the older generation has more than it's fair share but you only have to see a Donald Trump or Brexit Party rally to see that there are plenty of morons in all the age groups.
I expect OK Boomer will eventually end up sounding as antiquated as Talk To The Hand does today but i am all for youngsters having a snippy way to reply to older generations saying some dumb nonsense or other especially if they start a sentence with the dreaded words 'Back in my day'...OK Boomer.

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Liber - Latin for "The Free One" said...

yeah, a couple of snot nosed Millennial punks tried that "ok bummer" shit on me:

1.) in reality, i don't really care because i'm rich and i will die before the world is ruined - it will be their problem

2.) the 2 that tried it on me found out that being young wasn't going to save their ass because even though i'm old enough to be their grandpa, i can still also kick their wimpy sorry little asses - and at 63 i'm quite willing to accept the consequences :-)

ps - you little shits, when you "ok bummer" me, remember to say sir... "ok bummer sir". that will get you a pass... "ok bummer" will get you a face full of "ok bummer"...