Thursday, 7 November 2019

We Got Five More Weeks Of This

The first day of the election campaign didn't run as smoothly for the Conservative Party as they hoped with a cabinet resignation as Alun Cairns quitting as Welsh Secretary after being accused of 'brazenly lying' about what he knew regarding the collapse of a rape trial and another cabinet minister, Jacob Rees-Mogg, facing calls to resign after he suggested Grenfell Tower victims should have 'used their common sense and ignored official advice to stay put' during the fire which killed 72 people.
In typical fashion, just as the Tories were floundering and polls were showing the Conservative lead being cut to 11 points, Labour shot themselves in the foot by Deputy Leader, Tom Watson, announcing he was quitting for personal reasons.
The Liberal Democrats have been told to pull their election leaflets die to including 'misleading and irresponsible' information by misquoting journalists.
In every election since 1964, the party ahead at the beginning of the campaign remained ahead at the end and the current poll of polls show Conservatives leading on 36%, then Labour on 25%, Liberal Democrats 17%, Brexit Party 11% and Green 5% although with 5 weeks remaining, anything can happen, especially as at the last election Theresa May was further ahead in the polls with 5 weeks to go and barely scraped home.
With Boris Johnson taking the lead and the Labour Party barely on speaking terms with each other, it would be a brave person to predict who will emerge victorious on December 13th. 

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