Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Republican Loss Shocker

Before the result of the Kentucky vote was known, CNN was saying that if Trump was to be on course to win himself a second term in November 2020, then his party really ought to be holding places such as Kentucky, especially after Trump turned up personally the day before to plead for their votes.
It is hard to spin that the Republican Party then went and lost the vote and turn it into anything positive for Donald Trump and i expect him to be Tweeting from his toilet soon blaming everyone else but himself. 
I guess if you ignore his bragging, his aggressive and child-like nature, the sexism, racism, the fragile thin skinned ego, the administration sackings, the scandals, the spats with foreign leaders, the Russian thing, the Ukraine impeachment crisis, refusing to believe in Climate Change and being an international laughing stock, if you ignore all that, then it is anybodies guess what the Kentuckians were thinking by not voting for the party who continue to think he is the best they have to offer.

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