Wednesday, 23 July 2008

All Summer Long

We are fast approaching the end of July and Summer has finally arrived in Britain with temperatures hitting the high 20's which has allowed us to partake in our greatest past-time. Moaning about the weather. I don't dislike summer, there is much to be said for it but much more to be said that's bad about it.

1. Insects. In the ideal world you would sit on the grass and enjoy the summer ambiance. In reality you spend five minutes slapping ants off your legs before running away from a large bee that seems to mistake your head for a sunflower.
2. Sunburn. For those of us with milk bottle white skin, sun block is essential summer wear but it is not easy to spend the entire summer months reflecting the sun rays. At one point you will let your guard down and within ten minutes your face is as red as Santa's coat and you have a week of wincing every time you move before returning back to the colour of cotton wool.
3. Hot summer nights. A handy tip is to place your pillow in the refrigerator 30 mins before you go to bed which gives you a ten minute window to drop off to sleep on a cool pillow otherwise its hours of tossing, turning and thumping your pillow before giving up and going down stairs to watch Knight Rider at 4am.
4. Hot Car Interior. Park in sun and you get third degrees burn off the steering wheel and seats the second you sit inside it. Park under a tree and your car is treated to a lovely covering courtesy of every pigeon in the City.
5. Short Temper. Probably due to number 3, the heat makes people cranky and irritable. I often spend the summer months dreaming up inventive ways of causing bodily harm to the slow moving customers in front of me in the supermarket queue. Amazing how many ways you can think of hurting someone with a box of tea bags when you put your mind to it.
6. People saying 'Is it hot enough for ya?'. Yes it is, as it was when the other 46 people said the exact same thing me previously. Now get out my sight before i perform Grevious Bodily Harm on your persons with my box of PG Tips.

Luckily our Summer is not that long in the UK, a couple of weeks of stunningly hot temperatures and then it is all over. Then we all start moaning about how rubbish our summer was.


iMuslim said...

Hahaha... Yeah, I am not a big Summer person either, even with the South Asian genes on my side.

I don't know why people go crazy and start stripping off to their shorts the moment the sun peeks through the clouds. The English are always trying to become more brown, and the Indians are always trying to become more white (Fair & Lovely, anyone?).

Spring was nice this year in London... or maybe it was just the fact that I could enjoy it for once! I like balanced weather: a bit of sun, a bit of breeze, a bit of rain... so Spring and Autumn are my favourite seasons.

Btw, congrats on your recent blogiversary! I don't know why you feel the need to stop. This post clearly shows you still have the old Lucy wit about you. It had me chuckling throughout!

annie said...

the end of summer here means the scary visor/pedal pusher crowd goes away. yay!

Miz UV said...

I always say I'm going to eat loads of fruit and get lots of exercise during the summer, but in actuality I have ice cream and read trashy novels. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

I prefer the colder weather - it gets very humid here in Auckland.

Laughed at 'is it hot enough for ya?' - my Dad says that all the time - he's from Wiltshire ;-)

Cheezy said...

Apart from the 'hot enough for ya' brigade, and all the people who take off 95% of their clothing who really shouldn't (shudder, wince), I'm really looking forward to a bit of sunshine!

30 degrees tomorrow - whoopee!

Lucy said...

I forgot about the people stripping off who really shouldn't imuslim. I especially like the men in last years shorts which are now 2 sizes too small and women with 3 types of strap marks across their shoulders. I always laugh at people who have a wrist watch shaped white patch also.

If there is one phrase that drives me crazy while i am visibly melting is some berk saying to me 'it is hot enough for ya?' Funnily enough nobody said it today but i did get a few 'bit hot today isn't it'.

Anonymous said...

You are giving up blogging? Is this your last post?

Noah "Nog" M. said...

Haha! High 20s C? That's nothing.

Lucy said...

High 20s is more than enough for me thanks nog, anything more and i hiberante in the freezer.

Noah "Nog" M. said...

Hey! The big pharmaceuticals ought to make a hibernation drug.

The secret really is to hide during the day as much as you can.