Monday, 14 July 2008

Obama's European Vacation

Barack Obama is on his way to Europe which is probably a wise move as his roadshow seems to have hit a few bumps in the United States. Today's Guardian/ICM poll shows that 57% of Brits want Obama in the White House against 11% for McCain and 36% telling the pollsters where they can shove their questions, but in the place where it matters, the Obama bandwagon is showing signs of a few wobbly wheels.
A series of disappointments for his supporters has given the Democrat candidate a rough couple of weeks that has seen his national 6 point lead over his rival John McCain cut almost in half and is now almost within the margin of error.
So swapping the shores of the US for those of Europe is a good move because the man is desperately in need of a few decent photo opportunities in front of the Eiffel Tower and Reichstag not only to show that France & Germany are now Americas friends and improve his slim foreign policy credentials but also a timely reminder to his fellow Americans that the guy they elect is going to be striding the globe on their behalf, and nobody wants to see their representatives berated and protested against everywhere they go like Bush has been.
Obama is expected to make Britain his final stop towards the end of July and he and our own Mr Brown will have plenty to discuss. Namely how to move from the left to the centre and not throw away a commanding lead in the polls. Then again, Brown with his record lowest rating for a sitting PM is probably not the best one to ask about that but the fate of the Labour Party should act as a warning against chasing the popular vote and forgetting what made you popular in the first place.


effay said...

Last poll I saw had Obama up by 8 points, and that was without the inclusion of Bob Barr.

Lucy said...

Here is my source, figures from the Newsweek Poll conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International.

Obama 44% John McCain 41%

Lucy said...

Try here also -

JodieKash said...

Geez, now I can’t get “Holiday Road” out of my head.

The Fez Monkey said...

Keep in mind these polls are pretty much irrelevant, as all they indicate is the mood of the public at the time the poll was taken, and is not a really accurate predictor of the final results four months from now.

There is a long time between now and the election, and all these "bumps in the road" will have long been relegated to the dung-heap by then. Hell, hardly anyone even really remembers the whole Rev Wright thing anymore (other than psychotic fanatics). And, before this is over, there will be many larger and more damaging bumps by swiftboating liars and hatchet-men.

Anyway, July seems as good a time as any to visit Europe.

Ook ook

Lucy said...

That is what i like about the long election process there Fez, it does have time for all the swings and roundabouts to play themselves out but looking around blogs and hearing the commentators on TV, there does seem to be a distinct cooling towards Obama but as you say, i am sure things will change more than once between now and the election.

David G said...

What a shame that all Americans can't pay a long, long visit to Europe, see how the real world lives.

However, given that only around 13% of them have passports the chance of this happening is rather small. The other 87% will just have to continue to live in ignorance and delusion I guess.