Monday, 25 August 2008

Boris Johnson Doesn't Mess Up Shock

Anyone who watched the Olympic closing ceremony couldn't have failed to have seen the London Mayor making his way down the red carpet to receive the flag and mantle of next Olympic hosts.
There is no easy way to describe old Etonian Boris Johnson because Conservative twit with a penchant for affairs with his secretaries just doesn't seem to cover it.
There he was standing in front of a billion people with his jacket unfastened to show off his rotund form and struggling to wave a flag three times. The general consensus was that he would somehow set his hair on fire or cause an international incident by goosing the Beijing Prime Minister but credit to the man, he didn't do either although it was probably sensible to keep him well away from the microphone. He has put his foot into his mouth on so many occasions that he has been treated for athletes tongue so he just walked on, struggled to wave the flag a bit and got off to leave the stage for a London Bus and the beautiful Leona Lewis and some old bloke with a guitar nobody under 30 has ever heard of playing a song from 1969. How hip and cool are we. If we have to ask who he is how is the rest of the World to know who the old guy gurning away on top of the bus is.
David Beckham completed the 'famous' trio and did what he did best, smashing the ball into the crowd which is exactly what he generally does from the penalty spot.
The rest of our 8 minutes was filled by dancers prancing about beside a bus stop, an everday occurrence in Deptford High Street as i recall.
Vistors to London may be disappointed to discover that the number 73 to Kings Cross doesn't open up to reveal famous singers, footballers and vague guitarists pulling weird faces. You want the number 12 for that.


JodieKash said...

But you have really good scones.

...and tee hee, yes. How sad to watch Jimmy Page prance about to music not playing, keeping that swingy, mod, 1969 energy UP!!!

Anonymous said...


I would love to visit England, Scottland, Wales, etc.

Not during the Olympics. Who needs all the extra congestion and security.

If I can just get my wife to leave Texas...


Anonymous said...

I didn't see it - but that Johnson is mad as a snake. You should be embarrassed Lucy! ;-)

Cheezy said...

From past experience, I decided that 8-minute sections to showcase the next Olympic host-city are intended to be awful and trite and embarrassing...

Job done then!