Friday, 8 August 2008

Reasons Behind Russian & Georgia Conflict

Yet again out news channels have images of planes dropping there deadly payloads, one countries tanks rolling along the streets of another country and reports of massive civilian casualties.
The Russian Georgia crisis over South Ossetia that has escalated to full blown conflict this afternoon should not be dismissed as local troubles because it has much wider implications in world politics.
The origins of the conflict go back to the days of the Soviet Union when Georgia established itself as an independent state when the Soviet Union imploded.
South Ossetia sat within this new Georgian territory and there was a bitter war between the two as South Ossetia battled for its own independence from Georgia with a preference to become an autonomous region within Russia, a conflict that has rumbled on ever since with Russia arming and financing South Ossetia.
The wider implications of today come with Georgia being an ally of the United States and is of key strategic importance as a gateway to the Middle East for the West but mainly that old troublemaker Oil is yet again in the mix. The Baku-Supsa Pipeline runs between Azerbaijan and Turkey through Georgia and is a key provider of energy for the EU and the United States.
And there, as always, is where we get close to what this is really all about and why we should be concerned about today's events. Control over the flow of oil yet again and we have all seen the devastating results of those conflicts only this time it threatens to bring the West & Russia into direct conflict.


Anonymous said...

What interests me is which countries are involved in this next to the United States, Britain, Georgia and Israel because it looks like the UN isn't going to make a stand against the war so there has to be more support.

Anonymous said...

The U.K will only get fully involved as a last resort unless america has its way and pushes the U.K into it

Lucy said...

Gordon Brown and the rest of Europe are sensibly keeping their heads down on this one, they know that they have to share a continent with Russia afterwards and it could be a cold winter if they cut off our supply. Also Gordon Brown is already in Puitins bad books.

Aurora Borealis said...

If Georgia did not take South Ossetia by force Russia would have not reacted that way, to the Georgian leader stop being a puppet of the WEST! What did he get from the west??? moral support 'hehehehe'

check this site:

bibi said...

yes, georgia was not right in a certain point. but russian reaction to it was not peace enforcement mission at all, it was a genocide!

Lucy said...

Yes bibi, Russias reaction was too hard but Georgia's initial assault killed 2000 civilians and Russian peacekeepers. It was always going to be hard and Georgia gambled on that fact. Georgia and the West are wrong to shift the blame onto Russia for the reasons aurora above your comment mentions. Russia are no saints but the West is wrong on everything in this matter and for the wrong reasons.