Sunday, 1 January 2012

2012 Psychic Predictions

When someone declares that they are the Psychic that all other American Psychics go to for help, then you know that LaMont Hamilton has to be good so he is the obvious choice to see what we can expect to happen in 2012.
His biography on the World Psychic Website tells us that LaMont is respected all over the world as a top Clairvoyant/Psychic and he has been having psychic experiences since he was 8 years old and considering that he charges $65 for email consultations and $55 for a half hour phone reading, and he offers his services to any United States Federal/State/Military Agency that would like to employ his services to Protect the interest of the United States of America or its Constitutional Citizens, i have high hopes for him.
So on to the predictions:

#1: Accident seen around US President Obama as he trips or falls in the early months of 2012.
#2: Iranian revolution seen in 2012 where Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad removed from power.
#3: Japan embroiled in dispute with China where military action will be threatened against Japan or a partial Naval blockade will occur.
#4: Threats or a rumor of an assassination attempt against Nicolas Sarkozy in a foreign land will be reported.
#5: Russia will encounter two setbacks in its space program in 2012 due to accidents or explosions with their launch vehicles.
#6: South Africa will prosper after the discovery of a major new gold/diamond mine.
#7: President Barack Obama will face conservative Republican, Mitt Romney as the US Presidential choice after the 2012 primary elections.
#8: Iran will see a nuclear related explosion to one of its 2 reactors this year due to an accident or sabotage.
#9: A conflict or battle in outer space will occur this year between 2 countries, most likely involving Russia or Iran.
#10: French President Nicolas Sarkozy & wife Carla will have a new son.

We will come back in 12 months to see how many Mr Hamilton has got right and whether any US States Federal/State/Military Agencies that have handed over money to him for his services have been rolled over.


Anonymous said...


these sound less like "visions" and more like "predictions". one based on the ability to see the future ane the other based on the ability to extrapolate...


Lucy said...

The web used to be full of psychics throwing out predictions but they are few and far between now. My theory is they charge people for 'psychic' advice so they dont want people to look at past predictions and realise they are paying £1.50 per minute for advice from someone who got all the predictions so very wrong last year.
Most of them now go down the obvious but vague route of 'continuing economic turmoil in Europe' and 'floods in Asia' which is not good for bloggers looking to mock them.

Anonymous said...

I looked over his predictions and can tell you already that six of them did not come true!

Lucy said...

Still a few months to go yet but i will come back and look at the end of the year. I can see the Japan/China dispute and Mitt Romney as the Republican candidate but what was the other 2 that are right so far?

Lucy said...

My advice would be not to go putting flattering comments on blogs and then hoping people will go to your site is a good move. The person doing it just looks silly.