Sunday, 29 January 2012

Anyone Got A Light?

It seems that over the past decade the best business to be in is manufacturing the American Flag because it always seems that someone somewhere is setting fire to it for the benefit of a TV camera.
The latest pictures of Old Glory going up in flames are from California where a mob of Occupy protesters broke into the Town Hall and set their lighters about the American flag.
Now it might be argued that America is not the most popular country around the globe and the flag itself is not particularly ugly, the recently displaced Libyan plain green one took that award, but according to Flag Burning World, it is only the fifth favourite flag that is reached for when we want to show our dissatisfaction with world events.
The site has all the flags of the World and with one click of the mouse we can vent our anger and set ablaze the flag of our choice and with over 23 million flags burned so far, there is a lot of venting going on but just whose flag is the most crispy?
Not many people will be able to pinpoint Armenia on a map but over 751,000 people know where to find it's flag and set fire to it.
Second is Azerbaijan (696,070) and then Europe's most toasty flag is owned by Turkey (593,056) before the Israeli Star of David (241,000) and the Stars and Stripes (220,538) make up the top five.
The UK Flag is in the top half with 161,683, roughly 30,000 in front of the Australian flag despite my repeat clicking but the European nation that Internet users feel less inclined to fire up is Montenegro (82,940).
The people who make flags would do well to make less of the Barbados flag as it is the least burned flag (82,664), just ahead of Zimbabwe (82,842) which may have more to do with it being off the screen on the bottom right hand side rather than any love for Mr Mugabe.
Cuba (82,848) is close behind and then Honduras (82,850) and Cambodia (82,990) make up the most loved bottom five.
So next time on the news you see an American flag on the floor with flames licking around it and celebrating arsonists dancing around it, spare a thought for the Armenian flag because somewhere three of them are blazing away.


Nog said...

I find this post strangely relieving...

david g said...

Vintage Lucy! How clever to find this subject.

Flags are dangerous things. A lot of folk have died because of flags.

If we had one flag that represented 7 billion earthlings, perhaps we would see ourselves differently, be less hostile and aggressive.