Monday, 30 January 2012

Lovely Jubbly

Only Fools and Horses is usually the recipient when any awards for the greatest British Sit-Com are handed out and not surprisingly the Americans have decided to remake it in their own image.
Usually i just don't get why trans-atlantic remakes of British shows have to be made. Why not just show the original programme because it's not like Americans don't understand English but in the case of Fools & Horses, it may be wise to tweak the script because it's going to be a short, sharp introduction to British slang and like the French language, it will be Greek to them.
Undoubtedly it will be a nice little earner for the BBC who are by no means brassic but are brill at bringing home the bunce by selling their programmes.
Whether the septics sitting on their jacksies will find it pukka is another thing, they gave another British classic, Red Dwarf, the elbow but that could be down to the plonkers they hired to play the parts or the yanks just didn't get the Brit humour.
It would be cushty if they did leave the lingo alone because slang is such a part of our language that we don't even realise we are doing it sometimes, if people knew what the word 'berk' really meant, they wouldn't use it quite so often.
If i was in a restaurant, and i announced that before the ruby arrived, i was just going to nick off to the Khazi a bit lively for a fag, the Brits would understand me perfectly while any other British speaking nationality would either gawk at me as if i was some kind of 42 carat wally or pretend they have gone mutton and keep schtum. Of course if the ruby isn't kosher the khazi will be packed with diners suffering Ghandi's revenge and i'll have to go outside in the cold to fag up which would give me the right hump.
Anyway, it will be cosmic for us Brits, especially for those of us with Blogs if the Fools and Horses lingo did gain a wider audience because it would mean we wouldn't have to keep the language neutral so it can be understood by all and stone me that's not easy as i explained to the dipstick in the market who was trying to get me to part with my readies and wouldn't take me being potless as an answer.
Lovely jubbly if America does get to sample Fools & Horses and remember, in the immortal words of Del-Boy, he who dares win. Bonjour.


Cheezy said...

Cor blimey, Lucy, you've gorn completely radio rental!

Lucy said...

You know it makes sense Dave.

Anton Gully said...

Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane used the term dipstick all the time on the Dukes of Hazzard back in the late 70s, before Fools came out.

Lucy said...

True Anton, he did and Uncle Albert looks very much like Uncle Jesse and the main characters were 2 brothers.