Wednesday, 28 March 2018

The War On Easter

I once had the pleasure of a conversation with a dullard about the Political Correct Brigade trying to stop Christmas by banning the word 'Christmas' and using 'Holiday's' instead while standing in front of a supermarket with six foot high MERRY CHRISTMAS message along its window.
Not saying that the religious right wing are a bit dense but, well they are a bit dense especially when they perceive an attack on their man in the clouds religion such as Easter which apparently is being turned into a non Christian Event by banning the Word 'EASTER'.
'It’s amazing in such a politically correct society that we can’t call Easter Eggs Easter Eggs anymore', the official Ukip Twitter account said triggering a tirade of photographs of packaging Easter Eggs which clearly feature the word Easter on them.
The Churchy types have also been hammering the message that the Christian origins of Easter are not given enough prominence, that would be the Easter Festival stolen from the Pagan's with the story of a man crucified and reborn three days later plagiarised from the Romans, Sumerians, Indian and Egyptian religions, that Christian festival you mean?
The Christian origins would appear to be then a group of early Christians sitting around and nicking bits from other religions to copy and paste into their new shiny one which came with added chocolate.

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