Friday, 16 March 2018


In one of his most famous songs, John Lennon asked us to imagine that there was no heaven above or hell below but the next line he asks us to imagine no countries with nothing to kill or die for and all the people living life in peace.
A world where there are no antiquated doctrines to die for, no dogma of generations long gone to blindly support, no wars fought in the name of people that we’ve never seen or met and no heaven or hell to believe that we’re working towards.
The idea of one world with no countries or borders is an old one but so are wars and most of them have been fought over either borders, doctrine or religion.
'Nothing to kill or die for' means that since the thing that would evolve into man first dragged its carcass out of the trees, there has always been something dividing people to the point that they are killing for it.
If there are no borders to fight over, no tensions between ethnic and religious groups, no invasions and occupations of each others land we could eliminate much of the pathetic things we fight over now.
If humanity stopped competing against one another, bound together in a common cause, we could accomplish spectacular things and solve problems such as global warming, disease and famines, it would be human helping humans rather than a nation only looking out for their own selfish interests.
The present set up, the world divided into nations and religions has been tried and resulted in the deaths of billions over millenia, the English, Scots, Irish and Welsh were slaughtering each other for centuries before they came together as one nation and worked together.
The EU's raison d'etre was to come together to promote greater peace and prosperity for its Member States after the ravages of centuries of European wars and that has worked out fine, no more wars.
Maybe us all coming together as one huge country and putting aside our differences is the only hope we have for the sake of the entire human race as Lennon said 'A brotherhood of man, all the people sharing all the world'.
Lennon also sadly lamented that it may be the pondering's of a dreamer but as you watch the news and hear of yet more wars and conflicts over territory and killings in the name of one persons God over another, you do wonder what have we got to lose to give it a try apart from the chance that we may just find a way to live in peace with each another?


Keep Life Simple said...

people didn't die over politics, borders, or religion.

people fight and die for:
- greed
- fear
- hate
- jealousy

all the reasons you listed are just excuses for a fight.

all people have to do to live as Lennon suggested (whilst living in a NY City exclusive neighborhood, with unique access to a lifestyle and privileges restricted to the rich, famous, and powerful) is stop being human...

Falling on a bruise said...

I dare say they do but all four of your excuses are subsets of the big three, religion, politics and borders.

Keep Life Simple said...

you are way wrong. other way around... humans had hate, fear, jealousy, greed first.

then came politics, religion, and borders. in fact, politics, borders, and religion came from fear, hate, greed, and jealousy.

I'm surprised you are so wrong on this most basic of concepts.

Actually, I'm not surprised, you lack a basic understanding of human nature and history.

As illustrated by your comment above...

Falling on a bruise said...

Nice try, as wrong as you usually are but a nice try nevertheless.

Keep Life Simple said...

So, you are saying that one day humans evolved from apes and boom! there were religion and borders waiting for them... i don't think so Lucy.

I think history, archaeology, art, and psychology books say you are wrong. Maybe you never read any of those books...

Falling on a bruise said...

Are you saying humans evolved from apes and didn't fight over territory, group heirarachy, tribal differences? As you are not a fan of books, there are some decent tv documentaries which can explain it to you.