Saturday, 10 March 2018

Not Nice Doing Business With You

Back in the days of Tony Blair and New Labour they had an ethical foreign policy which set out the top 20 countries that it would refuse to sell arms to as there was: 'an identifiable risk that the weapons could be used aggressively against another country or it's own population'.
When it was revealed that out of the 20 blacklisted countries we deemed as too quick to abuse Human Rights, we sold military weapons to 19 of them it quickly became ethical foreign policy? What ethical foreign policy?
No surprise then that we have flogged 48 Typhoon fighter jets to the peace loving Saudi Arabians after Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman visited Prime Minister Theresa May for talks this week. 
'We are committed to supporting the kingdom as it modernises the Saudi Armed Forces and develops key industrial capabilities critical to the delivery of Vision 2030' said the Government before ducking out quick before anyone shouted 'WHAT ABOUT YEMEN?' to them.
Andrew Smith of Campaign Against Arms Trade said: 'This shameful deal will be celebrated in the palaces of Riyadh and by the arms companies who will profit from it, but it will mean even greater destruction for the people of Yemen'.
Yemen has endured three years of bombardment and is suffering one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world which is not good for the people of Yemen but Kerching for the UK arms companies.
Both May and bin Salman said the relationship between the allies is vital and it is, they get the weapons to kill ten of thousands more in Yemen and the UK bank account get billions of pounds stuffed into it, a win win all round if you are a heartless bitch of a Prime Minister or a warmongering Human Rights abusing Saudi Crown Prince.

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