Friday, 23 March 2018

France Should Honour This Real Hero

France loves a statue and i don't know if there are any plans afoot to build one of Lieutenant Colonel Arnaud Beltrame but if there isn't there should be because amidst all the so called 'heroes' who have their image on a plinth, Beltrame is a honest to god proper one.
Lieutenant Colonel Beltrame voluntarily took the place of a female hostage being used a human shield during a terror attack at a French supermarket on Friday and suffered three gunshot wounds from a religious fanatic and died in hospital from his injuries in Trebes, southwest France.
'He did what needed to be done and thanks to him, many lives were saved and yes, I think the word hero is very appropriate' said President Macron so let's hope that this French Officer who made the ultimate sacrifice is remembered as a real, genuine hero and his image takes it's place amongst the 'other heroes' who have conquered, enslaved or killed as many as possible and don't deserve
to be honoured beside Lieutenant Colonel Beltrame.

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