Tuesday, 20 March 2018

How To Be Happy

Today is International Day of Happiness and the 2018 World Happiness Report puts the happiest people as those who live in the Nordic nations of Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland who take the top four positions in the report with Switzerland making up the top five.
With those nations topping the chart you would be forgiven for thinking that snow is the common denominator to making us happy but the people at Happy Science beg to differ and offer up the things that make us happy, scientifically speaking.

Listen to music from the happiest moments in life
Melodic lines have an impact on the brain, remembering the places we’ve heard those specific tracks, you get to connect with those happy moments, managing to conjure up of the feelings of those times.

Caring About Other People
We have something in us called the 'moral molecule', which is associated with both love and pain relief. This molecule releases high levels of oxytocin when we think about those we care for and love.

Positive Thinking
Being grateful, optimistic, kind and realising just how lucky you are provide for better well-being and overall joy.

When people work out, endorphins, which are natural painkillers, are released creating feelings of euphoria.

Having Pets
The happiest people around are the ones who have a pet as pets not only increase our self-esteem, but also give us a better sense of belonging and bring a deeper meaning to our lives.

Not Thinking Too Hard About Being Happy
People who focus on trying to be happy are actually less happy than those who just go about their lives. While wanting to be happy is a good thing, it’s when we don’t let go enough to enjoy ourselves that we end up facing defeat.

So the secret to being happy is to either turn on the CD Player and get yourself a puppy and do some star-jumps or move to Helsinki.


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