Friday, 9 March 2018

Meeting Of Fat Man And Little Boy

It is an amazing coincidence that 'fat man' and 'little boy' were the names of the nuclear bombs used on Japan and now a fat man and a little boy are meeting to discuss nuclear weapons.
The White House have announced that Donald Trump has accepted the invitation offered by Kim Jung-Un to get together soon and have a bit of a chinwag over things.
Jaw-Jaw is always preferable to War-War and it was only a few short months ago that Trump haters (almost all of us) were screeching about the American President trying to start a war with North Korea and now they are screeching about him agreeing to meet for talks.
I'm not sure if anyone has told him that Pyongyang had been seeking a one-on-one meeting with a US president since the 1970s when Kim's father and grandfather invited the then residents of the White House to a chat, all refused.
That Trump has agreed when others turned them down is a recognition that North Korea is now seen as a formidable foe, a nation who could do serious damage as it is now a nuclear power, a sign which will not go unnoticed by Iran and others who find themselves in America's gun sights. 
Kim is not inviting Trump so that he can surrender North Korea’s weapons, no deal will involve Kim removing North Korea's existing nuclear devices or the ability to build more.
Trump, as the egomaniac bully that he is, is sure to spin this as North Korea as cowed into talks by Trump’s threats to annihilate them and he will probably screw it up with an unwise tweet long before the meeting happens but we can hope it goes ahead and real progress is made.
In the short term, both win as the Little Boy gets to boast that he has raised his country to such strength that the American President is coming to meet him and the Fat Man has an effective way of deflecting attention away from things he doesn't want people to focus on, like affairs with Porn Stars, children shooting up their school friends and dodgy dealings with Russia.


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