Monday, 26 March 2018

Labour's Anti-Semitism Problem

When it comes to Israel, the left doesn't have much love towards it due to their awful genocidal behaviour towards the Palestinians.
That any criticism of Israel is met by the howling of anti-semitism to try and shut down the argument doesn't do the Jewish community any favours and if anything it waters down their cries when real anti-semitism rears it ugly head.
Labour is currently having a harsh look at itself as it is quite rightly being lambasted for anti-semitism remarks emanating from within the Party.
I have cringed and corrected people many times when left-wingers have failed to separate Judaism and Israel when criticising the countries actions and far worse is when they physically attack Jews whose only connection with Israel is their religion.
What some Labour members fail to recognise is that being Jewish does not make you an Israeli as being Roman Catholic does not make you Italian so they fail to engage the few braincells that they possess and attack an innocent religion.
Israeli actions against Palestinians have been abhorrent so by all means criticise Israel, boycott Israeli goods or join one of the many regular demonstrations against Israel but don't take out your anger on Jews. 
I don't think the left is anti-semitic, more ignorant but while we should not be shut down by cries of anti-semitism, to criticise Israel for its actions as we criticise Russia, America or Britain if they did the same is not the same as criticising Jews who are probably as disgusted at Israel as you.

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