Wednesday, 7 March 2018

What Aren't The Belgians Telling Us?

For no reason whatsoever, the Belgians have started distributing iodine pills free for all 11 million of its citizens as announced during the presentation of a new,updated plan in case of a nuclear emergency.
The government have launched a website, explaining to its citizens step-by-step what to do in case of a nuclear accident, advising Belgians to follow recommendations of the authorities, which include seeking shelter, following evacuation orders and taking iodine pills. 
According to Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon, Brussels is trying to 'properly inform the public', adding that all measures are solely precautionary and the nuclear facilities present no threat 'For now'. 
Not sure i like the 'for now' part of that statement so either the Belgians know something about nuclear weapons due to come winging their way soon but are not telling us or those micro cracks discovered in both of the nations nuclear power stations last year are not so micro anymore.
Either way, sending out pills to help against radiation poisoning is not a good sign.

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