Thursday, 9 May 2019

American War Drums Beating Again

Anyone who has been taking notice for the last few decades or so will recognise the path the United States are currently on with Iran because the names may have changed but the itch for a dash of warmongering certainly hasn't.
Clinton with Kosovo, Bush with Iraq and Afghanistan, Obama with Libya and now Trump with Iran, all conflicts that were spun to gain support for the conflict, but never stand up to serious interrogation.
Donald Trump and his administration are doing everything possible to provoke a conflict with Iran while making it look like it's Iran’s fault including dismissed the advice of their own military and security chiefs and withdrawing from the deal that has successfully stopped Iran from getting nuclear weapons, imposing sanctions and applying an ever changing list of demands and now sending a carrier strike group and bomber task force to sit menacingly off it's coast.
Iran has continued to comply with its agreements, confirmed by the IAEA, despite American provocations which are actually helping Iran make the case for restarting its pursuit of nuclear weapons, as a deterrent to being attacked by the United States.
Following Trump’s reckless acts, America's usual allies are not likely to provide the fig leaf of respectability for any military action as the Europeans are busy creating a system to circumvent US sanctions and help Iran although an unholy alliance of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Israel shouting encouragement from the sidelines isn’t helping.
It is easy to see through the Trump administration’s lies. Trump claims to want to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon but withdrew from the very deal that had stopped Iran from obtaining one. Trump officials claim to be supporting the aspirations of the Iranian people, but the sanctions hurt the Iranian people first and foremost, and Trump is still banning Iranians from visiting the United States.
An explanation put forward is that is that Trump disliked the deal not because it was ineffective but because it represented the single biggest foreign-policy achievement of his predecessor, Barack Obama, whose achievements Trump has been unravelling since he arrived at the White House.
As much as we are told otherwise, Iran has kept its side of the bargain, and it is Trump's America who has been the aggressor and who reneged on the deal and it will be the American administration who could be once again be dropping missiles on another Middle Eastern country for spurious and contrived reasons.


Liber said...

You state your opinions as if they are fact.

You don't show a good understanding of the topic. Many topics frankly.

Are you Iranian? You sound like it... Didn't know your were Muslim either. You know, you have to be in Iran. And you can't vote, and you can't work, and you can't divorce, and they chop off hands, and they lash, and they stone... poor poor Iran. They are so nice really...

America is so mean.

Falling on a bruise said...

Up for a bit of war and the potential death of hundreds of thousands of Iranians then are you from the safety of being thousands mile away?

Liber said...

I didn't say that. Where did I say that I was up for war?

The Iranian leaders are not nice and threaten to use their military.

The world includes a lot of meanness Lucy. Iran's leaders want to control all of the Middle East. Their ambitions are not limited to their borders.

Further, they would be glad to impose their ways of life on you, or kill you if you refuse.

being nice to the likes of Iran does not make them hate us less. they have been hating everybody (including fellow muslims that disagree with them) since circa 1200AD.

When those idiots threaten us or an ally the proper response is to say "shut up. we can and will kick you ass if you don't behave."

Falling on a bruise said...

Nope, the proper response is to not break a deal that was working so you have an excuse to pick a fight.
Iran isn't great but as America counts Saudi Arabia, UAE and Israel as its close friends, your argument is weakened.