Friday, 3 May 2019

Finally Agreeing With Trump

Even with the bar set so very low for Donald Trump he has still managed to sleaze along beneath it but finally we may be getting something good from the Presidency which promised so very little and managed to deliver even less.
On the day that the UK were celebrating weapons so powerful they would wipe mankind from the face of the earth, Trump announced that the USA, Russia and China could be interested in joining a nuclear pact to reduce the number of nuclear warheads they own.
Remembering that this is Donald Trump speaking and whatever he says must be taken with several fields worth of salt, he said that he had been talking to his pal Vladimir Putin about reducing their nuclear weapons and discussed a possibility of making it a three-way deal with China, adding that Beijing: 'would very much like to be part of that deal'.
With a $22 trillion debt and defence spending of $718 billion, more than the next 12 countries combined, it could be that Trump and his calculator have worked out that maintaining the US military is unsustainable and is trying to bounce Russia with a military budget of $44 billion and China who spend $224 on theirs, into a pact especially as he recently complained about the levels of military spending by major powers, suggesting all that money could be better spent on other things.
'I think it’s much better if we all got together and we didn’t make these weapons' he said so he has finally said something most of us can agree with, not bad that it only took half his Presidency to say something sensible.

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