Friday, 3 May 2019

Time For Change At The Labour Party

Blackadder star Sir Tony Robinson has quit the Labour Party after 45 years- blaming its 'continued duplicity on Brexit and complete shit leadership before announcing his departure.
He does have a point because as much as i support Jeremy Corbyn's Socialist ideas, with the worst Conservative Government in memory lurching from one disaster to another, Labour should be strolling it in the polls but they are failing to make the inroads that should be expected with the Conservatives and Labour level in the poll of polls.
Secondly, the Labour leader has not had a good Brexit, in fact he has been awful and the Party has no clear vision and is very much on the same side of the fence of the debate as Theresa May leaving remainers with with nowhere to go.
In last nights local elections, the Tories lost over 1200 seats and 47 councils overall, and Labour have lost nearly 100 seats with most seats going to the remain supporting Liberal Democrats who gained  644 seats and the Green Party who added more than 160 seats.
With the current trajectory, we will be out of the EU with Labour's blessing and even worse, we will have another Conservative Party Government who will pick up the devastating austerity and cuts ideology which has cause so much misery already.
It would be nice to see Jeremy Corbyn and his ideas take root but that isn't happening so the priority has to be to stop the Conservatives being voted back in and that can only come from a change at the head of the Labour leadership who are just not cutting it at the moment.

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