Thursday, 9 May 2019

Danny Baker, Ridiculous, Stupid and Idiotic

Danny Baker, you idiot, what were you thinking or more likely you were just not thinking when you posted a tweet depicting the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's son as a monkey.
The radio 5 Live presenter has since held his hands up to say that he made 'ridiculous, stupid and idiotic mistake' and it was all of the above and more but don't then go and try and pin the blame for the BBC sacking you on 'masterclass of pompous faux-gravity' and accuse them of throwing you under the bus.
As Meghan Markle is mixed race with a black mother it was extremely crass to show her holding hands with a chimpanzee with the words 'Royal baby leaves hospital' even if it was a poke at the Royal Fun being a circus show.  
Of course it was always going to be interpreted as about monkeys & race and i was shocked to hear that you had not even considered it would be, so the BBC were quite right to sack you.
Your bleating afterwards and attempt to paint the BBC in a bad light for dismissing you for not being able to accept it was a joke, albeit in bad taste, smells of the casual racism black people and minorities have to put up with all the time from some white folk, the defence being 'I'm not a racist, it was only a joke, get a sense of humour'.
I am sure there will be people defending Danny Baker, saying it's all about political madness gone mad and nobody can take a joke anymore but they will be the same people who have no problem with the connection between black people and sick, racist monkey comments.
Sorry to see Baker go, he was a great Radio Presenter, but at least have the dignity to not blame your ignorant actions on those offended by your image of a mixed race woman delivering a monkey baby.

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