Friday, 31 May 2019

Trump Coming To The UK

It's as if we never fought the Americans over 200 years ago to force them to run their own country because while they no longer take in the tired, the poor and the huddled masses, (certainly not the Muslim ones anyway) it doesn't stop them sending us their idiots so roll out the red carpet and make sure that big baby blimp is blown up because Donald Trump is coming to the UK next week.
While most of America rejected our royalty, taxes, tea and spelling the Orange sex pest loves our royals, doesn't pay taxes and has the spelling skills of a particularly dense six year old but he will be sharing a pot of tea and a crumpet with the Queen at Buckingham Palace although rumours have yet to be confirmed that she plans to revoke American Independence because they can't be trusted to vote for a proper person.
This could be a good time for the President to visit the UK because two days after he leaves Theresa May is quitting amidst a political scene that is so messed up even he will be confused although i'm sure his mates Boris and Nigel will explain it to him, them being such good mates and everything.  
At least he is coming this time, the last time they tried to set up a State visit it was dropped to avoid his feelings being hurt by the millions of protesters although he did make it over here for a working visit which worked well because they kept him locked up in Scotland.
He is due to be in my home town of Portsmouth next Wednesday so i am sure that the McDonald's on Southsea Seafront will be doing a roaring trade in milkshakes that day so the people of Portsmouth can give him a decent welcome.


Q said...

you mean, you lost to the Americans... lost... we only go to the UK to remind you that we kicked your asses, then magnanimously saved your sorry asses twice.

by the way, a poet wrote "take tired, poor, huddled..." and it was put on a statue built by the French. Poets of the time were arguably the equivalent to modern day leftists... not useful for much... except being arrogant and condescending

Falling on a bruise said...

We agree on poetry at least.