Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Best Of British

Two things us British are reknown for is our sense of humour and our politeness so the best of British has been on display on the protests banners held aloft for Donald Trump to see.
Some favourites include 'I'm awfully British, you're just awful', 'Orange is the new stupid' and 'Dear Queen, don't offer him the good biscuits' but some were more blunt such as 'All in all you're another prick without no wall' and 'Fascist Twat'.
There was a baby holding a sign that said 'You're more of a baby than me' and some schoolkids who went with 'Trump is a wally' and there was even my all time favourite of 'Impeach the Orange' which always tickles me.
The runner up and so very British was 'I took the day off work and found a babysitter and came all this way just to tell you you're a wanker' but for Britishness the award for best Trump protest sign has to be 'We're British, we're polite but Fuck off please'.
Brilliant, well done to us British.


Q said...

Outside the UK yawl are known for having raped the riches from every nation and continent on the planet, and for having awful cuisine...

Falling on a bruise said...

And they would be correct on both counts