Friday, 21 June 2019

Red Christian Faces

You have to feel sorry for anyone of a religious bent. They spend their Sunday mornings sat on hard pews listening to a man in a frock bang on about a character who was plagiarised from other deities and then someone turns up and rattles a plate in their faces and expect them to make a donation for it all.
To top it all off they have to be intolerant towards anyone and anything that their made up God would have disapproved of which includes the new TV series Good Omens.
The Christian campaign group Return To Order, was so incensed that the show which has demons and angels teaming up to prevent an Apocalypse, presented devils and satanists as normal and good, that they sent a petition signed by 20,000 Christians told to be similarly angry about it to Netflix demanding that it be cancelled.
Possibly because they were so riled about it they sent it to the wrong studio as the show is made by Amazon Prime although Netflix was quick to poke fun at the petition, tweeting: 'Ok we promise not to make any more'.
Red Christian faces all around and they have said that they regret the mistake and the protests will be delivered to Amazon but they could always pray to stop it because praying always seems to work right guys?
Maybe they should stick to terrorising children outside a school to stop them learning about LBGT rights and hanging around outside abortion clinics singing hymns from now on.

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