Thursday, 20 June 2019

Not Backing America's Iran War

Iran said the drone they shot down was in their territory while the US say it was in International waters and as both are as untrustworthy as each other, it is hard to know who to believe but it doesn't ease the feeling that something very, very bad is going to happen soon.
We know how the story goes because we have been here before with the decision for war being made and the 'evidence' is piled up to achieve the ends with a sprinkling of detailed human rights abuses, saving a humanitarian crisis and a risk to national security with weapons of mass destruction thrown in to sweeten the deal.
It happened in Kosovo, it happened in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya too and now Iran is the nation with the case for the latest war being built against it. 
Trump himself suggested that 'Barack Obama will attack Iran in the not too distant future because it will help him win the election" but now, as he begins his own campaign to secure re-election, it's Trump's own administration that has been ramping up tensions with Iran.
After ripping up the Iranian nuclear deal and pressuring the Middle Eastern nation with threats and parking warships off its coast, it seems Trump is desperate to get his war and already the useful idiots are breathing in his administrations propaganda that Iran is an imminent threat as once Iraq was claimed to be.
If threats to national security or human rights abuses were a genuine basis for military adventures then Saudia Arabia would have been reduced to rubble years ago for supporting terrorism or dropping bombs on Yemeni hospitals.
The direction of travel is clear and the smell of war hangs thickly in the air while the cheerleaders of the Kosovo, Afghan, Iraqi and Libyan wars up the rhetoric and while we may not be able to stop it, the UK needs to shout loud and clear that we will not be involved in another debacle in another Middle eastern country which will see hundreds of thousands killed on a false premise yet again.
Two million of us marched against the Bush/Blair wars and never stopped them and we could muster the same number again and Iran would still be pummelled in a war that need not have happened except for the idiots running the White House but no Brexit deal or Special Relationship should be worth the weight of all those dead Iranians on our conscience.


Q said...

so, are predicting war, or just bloviating again? take a stand.

I say no war (no invasion force). military action (air strikes, naval strike, a narrowly targeted ground attack by special forces) is highly likely, but no war.

Falling on a bruise said...

I can see it escalating after starting as you state

Q said...

you didn't answer. quit with the journalist bullshit.

is that a yes you predict war, or no war?