Monday, 24 June 2019

Our Right To Know What Happened In The Boris Flat

Friends and backers of Boris Johnson have come out to berate the media for harassing him after Police were called to his flat after a loud argument was heard between him and his girlfriend on Friday evening.
'I am totally stunned at the level of harassment they have had to endure' said one supporter and Jacob Rees-Mogg called the campaign against his favoured choice for leadership 'Corbynista curtain-twitchers'.
Of course they don't want the spotlight to fall on him for too long because it only enhances the fears many already have about his character but as he is wanting to lead the country, the media and the British citizens he may well soon be presiding over have a right to find out exactly what the shouting match was about which had to be attended by the police.
At a hustings over the weekend, Mr Johnson refused to answer questions about the row - saying people did not want to hear about it and he has today pulled put of a Sky News leadership debate.
His backers have been keeping him out of the front line, less chances for him to make a monumental mistake which will see him defeated but anyone with questions over his erratic behaviour can't help but wonder just what went on in the flat for his girlfriend screaming at him to get off and to leave her flat amidst the sound of breaking furniture.
Boris backers will try to move the story on but this shouldn't just go away because in six weeks time we could be run by a man whose girlfriend didn't even want him around her for a reason we don't yet know.


Q said...

character didn't matter to the left when it concerned JFK, LBJ, billy clinton, or hillary clinton. now, suddenly, it matters?

frankly, i thought it always mattered. but i've been forced to abandon character because the left uses it to undermine the right, while ignoring the sever failings of the left.

i did not, and do not like trump's behavior (past or present). but my alternative was hillary. two bald-faced liars, both way lacking on character. so, i voted against hillary because she would have continued obama's destruction of america and individual freedom.



Falling on a bruise said...

Always matters to us, obviously not the case for you

Q said...

bullshit. straight up bullshit. all you care about is creating a government that controls the people so you can force the world to be your way. freedom be damned. liar.