Friday, 21 June 2019

Oh Grow Up

About the only good thing to come out of Jeremy Hunt being in the final two of the Conservative leadership contest of the chance for broadcasters to get his name hilariously wrong.
For some reason many presenters keep replacing the first letter of Jeremy Hunt’s surname with a C with Victoria Derbyshire being the latest to drop the C-bomb live on air.
It seems not just broadcasters are prone to it as Hunt said rather sniffily that he has had it all his life and not always by accident although that is understandable because he isn't the most popular person in the UK.
Hunt has said that the media should 'grow up' and stop mistakenly saying the c-word when trying to pronounce his surname.
Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson are the sole survivors of the election process and one of them will therefore become our Prime Minister.
Victoria Derbyshire apparently apologised to him but i think she got it right first time, he really is and as Johnson is slang for a penis, that seems rather fitting also.

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