Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Problem Of Getting What We Wished For

The depressing trudge towards another round in the Conservative Leadership contest is upon us and the five remaining will soon be whittled down even further.
Generally i wouldn't give a flying hoot who the Tories picked, but as the victor will become Prime Minister we all have some skin in this race but looking at the remaining candidates, it's like the choice between a punch in the face or a kick in the shins because whoever makes it is still going to be a bloody awful Conservative.
Boris Johnson has been sacked from jobs twice for lying and has a history of racism, Jeremy Hunt was found guilty of fiddling his expenses and was such a disaster as Health Secretary that he topped a poll as the 'most disliked British politician'.
Sajid Javid has been threatened with court action for 'peddling lies' numerous times and has been on the end of several violation of international court judgements in his role of Home Secretary and Michael Gove was sacked as Justice Minister and was another one caught fiddling his expenses and recently admitted to taking hard drugs while taking a tough line against those who did the same.
Rory Stewart is the most likeable and most 'untory' like which means he won't still be there when the dust settles.
I fully expect Boris to win and we can only hope that a general election quickly follows his coronation because while Theresa May was bad, Boris will have us looking back and regretting that that we were not a bit more careful about what we wished for.


Q said...

You might like Cuba or Venezuela. No conservatives in charge in those places...

Falling on a bruise said...

Still not far enough away from Boris Johnson

Q said...

you wouldn't last one day in Venezuela and you wouldn't last a month in Cuba