Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Egg On All Our Faces

Boy, am i embarrassed. For the past five years i have been crazily under the impression that when the US president landed on the USS Abraham Lincoln in a navy jet against a backdrop of a huge sign bearing the legend "Mission Accomplished" he meant the war in Iraq.
Maybe if i had paid more attention when he said that "Major combat operations in Iraq have ended," and "The battle of Iraq is one victory in a war on terror" i would of realised that what he was actually talking about was the USS Abraham Lincoln itself.
Luckily we have the White House spokeswoman Dana Perino to clear up what we didn't see or hear what we thought we heard.
"The president wasn't referring to the Iraq war as such. Instead, he was congratulating just that "particular" crew on having accomplished its "particular" 10-month mission" she explained before saying that the President was aware that the banner was no specific enough to get this message across.
Glad that's all cleared up and just in time to hear Ms. Perino explain how when Bush said when he discussed invading Iraq with God, he actually meant Barney the Presidents Dog, but his autocue was upside down.


annie said...

the dana perino-bot explains it all away. not like that traitor scott mcclellan. how dare he!!

Lucy said...

I have only recently found out about Scott McClellan's book, i will have to find out more about exactly what he is saying and post about it because people who follow the party line only to moan about it afterwards really do tick me off.

annie said...

me too. too little too late, for sure. however, it is validating for those like me who saw through the lies from the beginning. liars all.

Cheezy said...

The likes of McClellan and Colin Powell leave me fairly bemused... their message seems to be "Yes, we lied our arses off but get this - we're REALLY sorry!".

The likes of Scott Ritter and Richard Clarke - and, oh yeah, and hundreds of thousands of dead people too - could have used your supportive honesty a few years ago. Where were ya then?

Brown-nosing and lying, if memory serves.