Friday, 2 May 2008

Recent Keywords

What with the name of my blog, i get a few people ending up here who are searching for treatment of bruises and abrasions. To my knowledge the only thing you can do with a bruise is watch it go purple and slowly fade to yellow so i am not actually much help on that front but it is not just my shaky medical advice that draws people to here. A quick look on my Statcounter page shows that some search engines are showing people here for a strange array of reasons.
My recent keyword activity includes users writing some strange things in and being told there request will be answered here.
Some make sense as they are topics that have issued forth from my keyboard such as 'Michael Moore donate money', 'bobo experiment' and 'coffee & chocolate'.
Some are a bit more head scratching like in 'compare napolean and hitler', 'derogatory names for northerners' and 'small bald spot, woman' although my guess would be that at some point, in some post, i have written those combination of words.
The last category is just weird and include 'compliments i can pay my wife','how to get short hair for men', 'how to accumulate excessive wealth' and the amusing 'ich bein welsh'.
Not so much worried what the searcher of the phrase 'lucyp nude on brighton beach' was looking for. More concerned about whether they found it.


Cody Bones said...

The result is even funnier if you put 'lucyp naked on Brighton beach' in Google images. Sorry Lucy, I was feeling lucky.

effay said...

Sometimes search engines do some pretty weird stuff. I remember looking at my blog's profile on the other day and noticing that it was listed in the "Health" category. This was, of course, news to me since I don't recall ever blogging about anything explicitly health related.

effay said...

Hey Lucy, I was wondering if you could comment on this election that just happened in the UK for the edification of all of us over here. By all accounts it appears to be a fairly monumental defeat for Labour and victory for the Conservatives and I am wondering what sort of public sentiment or dynamic caused this to happen. All I have heard about is this 10p tax band deal (which I don't understand), but that can't be the only thing that caused this huge defeat for Labour. What is it that has pissed people off so much about Labour lately?