Sunday, 4 May 2008

Technical Difficulties

So let's go live to Lucy, are you there Lucy?
"F***** piece of *****"
Lucy doesn't seem to be ready yet so let's give her a few minutes and, oh, its OK, she's ready. So Lucy, can you hear me?
"I'm going to throw you out of the F****** window you lousy ***** computer..."
Lucy, hello, Lucy?
"Nothing but problems, F******* hopeless **** **** *****"
Lucy, we are live. Hello, Lucy?
"F*** ******n ****** b**** ***** and ***** **g"

Well I'm sorry about that, we seem to be having some technical difficulties so while we try and sort them out, here's Julia with the weather.
Thanks James, all across the country, it's going to F****** rain.


iMuslim said...


Falling on a bruise said...

Initially connection was kinda spotty anyway then last week it would only connect to some sites and just timed out when trying to connect to Hotmail or Blogger and Google wouldn't work at all on Firefox, Opera or IE.
I unplugged the modem and plugged it in again as my ISP suggested but still nothing. Then suddenly last night it suddenly began working again as usual. No idea but i recently got a new computer with Vista and i am far from happy with it, most of the old software doesn't work with Vista.