Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Gordon Brown Exit Stage Left

Government support is in freefall according to poll after poll including today's
ICM poll that shows that the Labour party is 14 points behind the Conservatives and only 5 in front of the Liberal Democrats.
With Gordon getting a kicking every way he turns the end is not so much nigh as inevitable.
So whenever the next election is, barring an unprecedented collapse of biblical proportions, we are soon to be hailing a David Cameron Conservative Government.
Cameron is the consummate right winger and a professional toff. From the exclusive Heatherdown Preparatory School (where the Queen sent her kids), on to Eton College and then Oxford where he met up with some of the people who are now in his shadow cabinet.
Straight from Oxford, Cameron joined the Conservative Party so apart from a 3 month stint as an admin assistant in Hong Kong between semesters while at Eton, the right honourable Dave has no actual work experience whatsoever.
Should it matter that the man who has only known the very best schools and has next to no experience of employment and comes from a highly privileged background, is now going to be making life changing decisions for the rest of us?
The only alternative to the depressing thought of someone who can honestly say he hasn't got a clue how 99% of us feel, is for Labour to remove Gordon, shift back towards the left and pray that they can elect somebody so far away from the Blair/Brown years that voters can see Labour are on another path. David Milliband would be my choice but if i was him i would keep my head down and wait until after the next election and the imminent removal of Gordon Brown before throwing my hat into that particular ring.
The only other option is to indulge in some of that postal vote rigging we keep hearing about. There must be a website that shows you how to go about it somewhere.


Cheezy said...

I agree with you that Milliband, if he was thinking with 'Blair-like' tactical acumen and concern for self, would be thinking about a tilt at the leadership somewhat after the next election i.e. after the Tories win. (Milliband's a very bright man too, so that's probably what he is doing).

Basically, any government up for re-election within the next two years would be at very short money to be ousted. Whatever they try to do, the prevailing economic wind will see more than a few of them out on their backsides.

So I've got some sympathy for Brown.... but not much. After all, whatever his accomplishments as Chancellor, he's not exactly proving himself to be a competent PM is he?

Plus, he always makes that weird gasping noise when he talks. Yuck.

And oh yes, there's also the small matter of never apologising for being part of a government which told lies in order to conquer another sovereign nation for economic-imperalialistic reasons and bringing about the death of hundreds of thousands of people.

So stuff him.

(And obviously, Cameron being the only conceivable PM in waiting is the best argument for proportional representation I've seen yet).

Noah "Nog" M. said...

"And obviously, Cameron being the only conceivable PM in waiting is the best argument for proportional representation I've seen yet"

I take it that you are happy with disproportional systems of representation as long as they short your political opponents. Or would you be okay with Labor being the minority to some hypothetical LD-Conservative coalition?

Lucy said...

That weird sucking noise thing he does really is quite strange. I agree that with the economy going the way it is, whoever was in Government would be on their uppers but there are so many other reasons to dislike Brown that i would like to think that he would get the boot anyway, mainly over Iraq.
With Labour only 5 points away from the Libs, it is not unconceivable to think that Labour could become the third party and the Libs the shadow cabinet.