Sunday, 9 August 2009

Unfair Dinkum Bruce

I've always thought that if you want to kill an animal, you should not use a high powered rifle from a safe distance, you should go cavemen and kill it with your bare hands. Gives the animal a fighting chance and may the best man/tiger win.
Obviously a human taking on a wild animal fairly is not going to happen, so they hide away and shoot it from a safe distance instead.
Man has taken it one step further and now the warriors are taking to shooting the wildlife from helicopters like the plan in Australia to wipe out 650,000 camels from up in the air.
So why has this animal been singled out as prime to be culled?
'They compete with sheep and cattle for food, trample vegetation and on a number of occasions they have scared residents' explained one Government official.
Scaring residents? Australia is the home of the jelly fish, crocodiles, sharks, poisonous spiders and snakes but the Aussies are most afraid of Camels?
Tony Peacock, CEO of the University of Canberra's Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Center, said: "To be shot from a helicopter is actually quite humane, even though that sounds brutal. If I was a camel, I'd prefer to just get it in the head."
I would wager that if Tony Peacock was a camel he would prefer not to be shot through the head at all. I'd even say it was a fair bet that he would prefer to be left alone and not have some beered up Aussie trying to mow him down from the safety of a helicopter.
Come on Aussie hunters, get out of the whirlybird, down a few tinnies, channel the spirit of Ned Kelly and see if you can take out the scary camels with a few kicks and well placed uppercuts.
Let nature decide who gets culled, the Camels or the Australian men without the security of a rifle while being 100ft up in the air.
Steve Irwin, who was always up for a scrap with anything as long as it was deadly, would be disappointed in the lot of you.


Cheezy said...

Maybe they should have a go at kangaroos too, like this one!

Lucy said...

Ha ha. Now that's what we should see more of.