Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Our Shame Over Lockerbie Bombers Release

Abdelbaset al-Megrahi is the Libyan convicted of killing 270 people in the Lockerbie bombing in 1988. He was sentenced to serve a minimum of 27 years and is presently serving his time in Greenock prison in Scotland.
I say presently because all the signs are pointing towards him being released tomorrow on compassionate grounds as he has terminal cancer.
I have yet to meet anyone who agrees with even thinking of releasing him back to Libya, the overwhelming thought being that he didn't show any compassion to the people he killed twenty years ago so let him rot in his cell, a sentiment i agree fully with. The other thought is why are we even dealing with Colonel Gadaffi who is suspected of calling for the attack in the first place and was arming the IRA for decades.
What is interesting is that far from being whispered by the media, the idea that British Government is leaning on the Scottish justice minister because this is ALL ABOUT OIL CONTRACTS IN LIBYA is being trumpeted loud and clear.
Libya is reported to hold the largest amounts of oil and gas in Africa and Britain's largest oil company, BP, has contracts potentially worth billions to drill for it.
The attack killed 35 students from Syracuse University in New York and Scottish authorities are facing opposition to his release from the US Government and the relatives of the American victims not to release the bomber from jail.
The Scottish government confirmed that an announcement would be made in Edinburgh at 1pm tomorrow saying: "We've a strong justice system in Scotland, and people can be assured that the justice secretary's decisions have been reached on the basis of clear evidence and on no other factors."
As reports from Scotland have told of Strathclyde police rehearsing a small convoy of police outriders and a vehicle with blacked-out windows driving from Greenock prison to Prestwick airport, we can be assured that once again, oil is behind another massive miscarriage of justice.
As we have showed before with dealings with the Saudi Arabians, Britain will whore itself out for a slice of the oil pie.
What our Government, and the Scottish Government, is about to do is downright shameful.


Cheezy said...

All part of the government's double standards regarding terrorism. They assure us there will be no compromising with terrorists... unless it's politically expedient or we like them for some reason. I was disgusted when we released Sean Kelly too (he was the Shankhill Road bomber who killed 9 people in the mid 90s).

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Anonymous said...


I don't understand why this guy was freed. In the US we have some very bold judges that "remake law" for their own purposes.

Perhaps that is what happened here.


Falling on a bruise said...

It was politics Q, it can't be anything else. The British Government wanted him free to grease the wheels of industry with Libya.
There is no other explanation for the release of a mass murderer.