Thursday, 7 February 2013

Sochi 2014

It's exactly a year until the start of the Sochi Winter Olympics and although you would be hard pushed to find a place in Russia that has no snow in the wintertime, it looks as though that is exactly what they have done because Sochi is today snow free.
Admittedly that could be considered a bit of a drawback in a two week spectacular that depends on the stuff but the Sochi organisers are promising there will be enough snow during the Olympics even if they have to make it themselves.
“We can guarantee that the snow will be there” the Organisers have promised and one method they have tried out was to stockpile snow from this winter on mountain ice sheets for use next year.
They have also splashed out on 430 snow-making devices to keep the slopes supplied with fresh snow.
The Vancouver Winter Olympic organisers faced a similar problem in 2010 when a lack of snow meant they had to fill up trucks with snow from places where they had a lot of the white stuff and transport it into the city.
The Winter Olympics are great to watch, but only because we seem to enjoy seeing people fall over and the Winter Olympics has no shortage of slips and falls which end in a big cloud of snow.
Being from a country where the place comes to a halt at he first sign of snow, we are notoriously bad at sports that require being able to slide down the side of a mountain very fast but as this Winter Olympics is being held in a place that might not have any snow it might prove to be a plus for us.
I am also looking forward to Gerard Depardieu representing his new country in the luge.

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