Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Sprechen Sie Englisch?

You would have thought that a country that has words such as Wienerschnitzel and Götterdämmerun would welcome a few sensible words from the English language but it seems the Germans are trying to wipe out the use of English in their language.
'To help employees we have given them a glossary of Anglicisms so that they can take a critical look at their everyday speech and put a brake on the inflationary use of English and pseudo-English' said the top knockwurst of Deutsche Bahn, Germany's train operator who has produced a handy guide for its employee's.
We could of course retaliate and throw out all Germanic words from our language but i can't think of many German words that have made the trip across the Channel to infect our language so i will just enjoy the schadenfreude of watching them try and stop the march of the English language.
It almost took off in America (they have a few problems with vowels) and the Australians almost have a basic grasp of it but seem to name things when they are drunk (billabong, dunny, chook) but it may have better luck in Germany where fine English words such as diesel, doppelganger, hamburger and glockenspiel are already ingrained.
Good luck trying to find German words to replace them with. Dummkopfs.


Nog said...

Well there's a difference between German and Germanic. If you throw out what's left of Germanic, we're left speaking French.

Mike said...

How can you put on your site something as idiotic and ignorant as this post? As Nog mentioned,if you throw out what's left of Germanic, you're left speaking French. (and maybe some of you Latin). just FYI, more than 70 per cent all of English words are borrowed from other languages. @Daniel Defoe (on true born-Englishmen)- ...forgetting that themselves are all derived from the most scoundrel race that ever lived...@ the same applies to the language I fear.

Anonymous said...


you could be nicer to lucy and still disagree.

no german words in the "English" language jump out at me like say these French words: resume, cemetery, liaison, battalion


Falling on a bruise said...

I don't think Mike got the joke in the middle of the post where i said no German words in the English language and then listed a load of German words in the English language.
Miss that and the post doesn't work. Tell me you got it q!!

Anonymous said...

I did I did


Mike said...

Sorry guys, but that post was a very poor attempt at sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

So that's Mike feeling a bit silly for not getting the obvious joke. I'm as dumb as a frog and even i got it.