Monday, 10 June 2013

Tyranny Yet?

I'm not sure how it is going down in America, but in the UK the Government are forced to whip out the 'If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear' defensively of the exposed sweeping surveillance of UK Citizens.
The Obama Administrations is pursuing the same line as it did against the last person to expose American deplorable actions and are going after the Whistleblower, Edward Snowden.
That the American Government has overseen the huge NSA domestic intelligence system called Prism collecting emails, telephone calls and texts of tens of millions of US citizens regardless of whether they are suspected of any wrongdoing should send the Obama administration into a tailspin, and the UK Government if they are found to have shared the data held on British citizens, but it is unlikely we will be witnessing an American or British spring anytime soon.
The war on terror proved to be a wonderfully convenient excuse for these increasingly invasive methods and paranoia by the US and UK Government against it's own people, Orwellian nonsense to keep people preoccupied and kept in order.
Snowden described the actions as 'Turn key tyranny' and tyranny is the abuse of authority so what would we call the blanket interception and storage of the communications of entire populations?
I fully expect a diverting incident in the next week, possibly involving Syria or Iran so we all forget about how our Governments are using the same tactics that the STASI would be proud of.
Be careful what you say, they really are watching you


Anonymous said...

all human decisions are emotional.

arguably obama's administration has been more invasive in the lives of americans (IRS thingy, investigating reports, snooping on all email, phone calls, texting, videos, blogs, etc.).

the left is supportive of government snooping now even though they were strongly against lesser invasiveness when w was president.

the right has also flopped.


Lucy said...

I don't remember the left here ever being supportive of Government snooping. It was the left who stopped such things as ID cards, NHS database etc but i can't speak for the American left.

Anonymous said...

they are supporting it now. i plan to make the survey results available this weekend on my blog.