Sunday, 10 August 2014

Aug 10 1972 - Meteorite Grazes Earths Atmosphere

A post taking real life incidents from this day in history and my view of them as if they were happening today and what my honest view would have been then on that day ignoring hindsight or knowledge of how it ended.

Far out the kids may be saying but what certainly wasn't far out was the 1kg meteorite that grazed past our planet today.
The massive ball of ice travelling at 34,000 mph came within 37 miles of the Earth's surface which in astrological terms is feeling the wind as the bullet passes by the side of your head.
Creating a double sonic boom as it entered the atmosphere above Canada, the solar visitor took 100 seconds to leave the atmosphere again and was measured at approximately 3m across, Scientists have said that if it had not entered at such a grazing angle, this meteoroid would have lost all its velocity in the upper atmosphere and would have ending in an air burst with any remnants then striking the Earth at terminal velocity.
As the whole solar system is one big game of billiards with things hitting each other all the time, maybe it would be wise for the boffins to develop some sort of early meteorite detection system so the first thing we know about it is when we wake up and wonder where Scotland has gone and whom put that massive ball of steaming rock in it's place. 

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