Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Hologram Principle Not Explained

Don't panic but the universe might actually be a hologram and we won't know for sure until scientists from the Fermi National Laboratory in Illinois have tested it. 
According to the holographic principle, life as we know it could be an optical illusion created by light defraction or as the researchers at the laboratory explained it 'like characters on a television show wouldn't know that their 3D world exists only on a 2D screen'.
So to find out if we are all actually living in a hologram, scientists are trying to get close enough to the TV screen to see its pixels using something called the Holometer which studies the quantum character of space itself by measuring the quantum coherence of location with unprecedented precision.
'If we see something, it will completely change our ideas about space' explained the researcher which would be nice if i understood a single word of it. Sounds cool though.

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